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At 06:00 Monday morning, LKAB reported that the quake caused rocks to crash into the mine and that there was still seismic activity at the site. Aftonbladet reports that there were work going on at the site at 08:00 monday morning, to get the water pumps running in the mine and prevent the water level from reaching the power plant. Back Analysis of Short-Term Seismic Hazard Indicators of Larger Seismic Events in Deep Underground Mines (LKAB, Kiirunavaara Mine, Sweden) Nordström, Emilia Luleå University of Technology, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering, Mining and Geotechnical Engineering. Events.

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When can production start again? It becomes relevant when the rock mechanics are done with their investigation and they say it is safe. Swedish state-owned iron-ore producer LKAB has resumed production at its Kiruna mine after a “seismic event” last week, the company said on Wednesday May 27. All operations at the Kiruna mine were stopped on May 18 following an earthquake with a reported magnitude of 3.3 on the local magnitude (Richter) scale. LKAB pauses production after earthquake at mine Swedish state-owned iron-ore producer LKAB has confirmed that all production at its Kiruna mine has stopped following a seismic event on Monday, the company said on Tuesday May 19. LKAB last reported a seismic event occurred at Kiruna on April 19, saying its preliminary magnitude was 1.77 according to the local scale.

“Spot gives us greater possibilities for inspecting damaged areas of the mine safely and efficiently,” says Nikolaos Petropoulos, Senior Research Engineer in the department of Technology and Process Development at LKAB in Kiruna.


Although LKAB has a very delicate system for measuring rock movements, it is impossible for the mining company to predict quakes. - We had no warning about this and it is not possible to say when a seismic event will take place, says Fredrik Björkenwall, acting press officer at LKAB.

Kristina Larsson, LTU - Stiftelsen Bergteknisk Forskning

Lkab seismic event

“We can boost production in one area from around 3,000 t to 5,000 t, since we can run more machines, even at night time,” Winsa says. LKAB has around 4,000 employees, of which more than 600 are outside of Sweden. There are iron ore mines, processing plants and ore harbors in northern Sweden and Norway, and sales office in Germany. LKAB has subsidiaries for industrial minerals with processing plants in Sweden, Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, Turkey and China. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us It doesn’t matter if there are clouds over Abisko, we can take you to Kiruna’s arctic forest or even to coast of Norway!

Your guide will tell you many stories about the northern lights and Vikings and also we will take pictures and videos which we’ll send to you within 3 days after the tour.

If you bring your own camera, we will help you set it up to get the best shots.
Lkab seismic event

The seismic event reached a moment magnitude of 4.2. This is measured with completely different instruments which are not comparable with LKAB's local scale. Seismic activity is the rapid fracture of a rock mass that releases a lot of energy.
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Lkab seismic event

31 July. The tremors are noticed by residents and the . 20 Oct 2020 aftershocks following mining‐induced seismic events by applying the the mine coordinate system, according to the LKAB company policy.

“LKAB faces a new situation. As a consequence of a changed market and falling world-market prices, we must now equip our … 2021-04-22 Seismic Events, AMBLESIDE, Cumbria. 579 likes. Seismic Events - active cyclists organising events for cyclists.
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PB. Production blast. PCA. Principal component analysis. PD. Permanent descending strain cell pdf. Seismic events Large-scale mining for ore in underground mines can lead to seismic activities. This means quaking or tremors occur in the bedrock.