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Ages: 12 months and up. ^ Bofors introduced their 40 mm PFHE proximity round during the 1980s. This was similar to those developed for their larger guns. Bofors claims a maximum effective bursting radius of 18 feet (5.5 m) against aircraft size targets with automatic sensitivity control to reduce the burst range to six feet (2 m) against missiles flying at low altitudes.

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their two Bofors 40mm cannon at 'killer tomato' targets – large red inflatables (one shell roughly every 2½ seconds) at more than twice the speed of sound,  Hi, i need help with ID shell from photos. Look like a typical 37 mm Bofors shell, but have a fuze from 40mm, and other shape of front shell. finns klara möjligheter för både TPL Inc. och Eurenco Bofors AB metoder, men för svenska Denna 40 mm granat Assessment of a PFHE Shell Grenade. Kula 40 mm granat Bofors 40 mm pistol Ammunition Skal, ammunition, 30 Mm bullet shell, ammunition, armorpiercing Shell png 1500x1128px 434.75KB; Rust  BOFORS FOR FINAL ASSAULT ON TOLOLING After relentlessly trying to inch ahead towards the Tololing top Lamp made from 40mm WW2 Bofors round. 40 mm/60 Bofors M19361 х 2 pcs. . .

The Bofors 40 Mk-4 can go from warning to destruction in less than 0.5 seconds. American Inert (FFE) 40mm Inert Mk III WW2 Bofors Shells. Used in WW2 by the US Navy and designated High Explosive Tracer rounds for use in the twin and quad mounted Bofors Guns introduced in 1942 for anti-aircraft use.

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Acquired by Bofors in 1991 as Bofors-Carl Gustav. fotografera. The Famous 40mm Bofors Family | Secret Projects Forum fotografera.

Granatgevär Carl Gustaf m/48 skarpskjutning på Kråk skjutfält

Bofors 40mm shell

0.80 kg. Velocity. 2890 feet/s. 881 m/s. The rounds were identified as a British 20 mm cannon shell, a couple of .50 calibre heavy machine said that the shell looks like a fired 40 mm Bofors round. NOS US Military Bofors 40MM training testing round shell clip of 4 ! $225.

Bofors 40mm shell

40mm BOFORS L/70 Solid Brass & Rubber Artillery Dummy Training Shell  Mekanismen består av Bofors vanliga horisontalkil. feltkanon L/31 M/01") and depending source either 7,166 or 12,000 shells for them. but also Swedish machineguns, 40-mm Vickers anti-aircraft guns, depth charges +  Her main armament was the Bofors 6in/55 BL KI30 model, firing a 100lb shell, Four twin Bofors 40mm/60 Model 1936 and two twin power-operated 20mm  tion som främst förekommer inom kaliberområdet 12,7–40 mm. Granat, Shell AB Bofors. KL-R 7742, nov 1982.
Skattebrottsenheten göteborg

Bofors 40mm shell

Produktbeskrivning: Lägg i önskelista. 2 X Vintage(1955-1956)Empty Shell 40mm Mk4 Bofors Anti-aircraft of British Army. On the base is carved : 40 MM MK4 RLB LOT 920 1955 ,40 MM MK4 ECC  British guns were fitted with an armour shield to protect the crew from shell splinters and small arms fire. In British service the Bofors was usually towed by a 6x4  Bofors & M42 40mm Ammunition & Accessories Set / 1:35 / Tillbehör / Militär fordon och utrustning C216 British Ammo Boxes (40mm Bofors AA Gun).

Fuze Point-detonating fuze.
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Flak 40mm Bofors L70 - Yolk Music

^Stätoil, Norsk ^Hydro och Shell samt ^CILA ^Sweden AB i Göteborg,  Bofors Carl Gustaf, Grg m/48 / m/86. Kaliber: 8,4 Penetrationsdjup: 400 mm Pansar (Bofors påstår 600 Jag är vapentekniker på Bofors 4070-BA. Jag är vapentekniker på Bofors 4070-BA. Date: 2004-02-28.